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Aegean Dream

Aegean Dream - Dario Ciriello While the first edition printing here does have an assortment of typos and formatting quirks here and there, it's still quite an account of (trying?) to move to, live, and work on a small island in Greece. Even as a EU citizen, Dario has so many hoops to jump through, so many barriers to these simple three things. The book employs a variety of techniques, from short chapters to longer ones, blog posts and letters, as well as selected photographs. Comic at times, both funnily and darkly, as well as the foreshadowed (and known, as these events were a few years ago and I'd known Dario had moved back to the US) impending doom crept closer. "This is Greece!"So, yeah. I don't want to move to, live, and work in Greece. But I very much want to visit these islands, ride these ferries, walk these streets, eat this food. (So often reading this book made me hungry!) I'm not sure what qualifies a memoir like this as a "success"; for me I very much felt Dario's frustrations, elations, victories and losses coming through.