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Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders
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Christopher Fletcher, Brandon H. Bell
52 Stitches, Vol. 2
Cate Gardner;Kurt Newton;Mercedes M. Yardley;Alan Baxter;Michael Stone;K. Allen Wood
Dead in the Family: A True Blood Novel
Harris Charlaine
Little House by Boston Bay
Melissa Wiley, Melissa Peterson
Sutherland's Rules
Dario Ciriello
The Accursed
Joyce Carol Oates
The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There
Ana Juan, Catherynne M. Valente
Geek Mom: Projects, Tips, and Adventures for Moms and Their 21st-Century Families
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James Maxey

The Greyfriar (Vampire Empire, Book 1)

The Greyfriar - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith This one is just fantastic fun. Set in an alternate history's future, one in which decidedly non-sparkly vampires are real and have risen up and destroyed human civilization throughout the temperate zone and colder climates just ahead of the industrial revolution, and humans have retreated to the equatorial regions, protected by the sluggishness which heat induces in their stronger, faster, crueller foes. Who can fly by the way, floating on wind currents. A princess of a neo-Victorian Alexandria is to be politically wed to a great American vampire killer, in advance of a great war to push the vampires back and reclaim Europe; however, Princess Adele's airship is attacked in force by vampires intent on her capture. Adele is combat trained and able, though when things look their bleakest... enter The Greyfriar, fast, skilled, strong, and tireless enough to match swords with vampire claws and spirit Adele into the French countryside. So: we have a kind of "Steampunked" alternate future of airships and goggles; we have deadly, amoral vampires and The Greyfriar; and we have the rise of a decidedly fantastic element, of mystical arts, amidst the rising tides of all-out war, circling around a badass and capably armed princess. All narrated wonderfully by Marsters, no stranger to vampires to say the least. Best known in audio as the long-standing voice of Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden, he's absolutely landed on his feet in a role absolutely perfect for him, and one which allows him to display a range of accents, ages, genders, and give voice to breathtaking derring-do. This one's enthusiastically recommended.