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Osama [hc]

Osama - Lavie Tidhar I did like Lavie Tidhar's "Osama" a lot, though in terms of ideas it is the final quarter of the novel which brings out the novel's driving conceit after a more average private detective for hire on a case novel which comes prior, though with some really good bits of screentime guest stars sneaking in, and clinical descriptions of our world's terrorist attacks, with ruminations on what is on the other side of the war that Osama is waging in the "Vigilante" novels. (It pains me not to just love love love the novel, as lots of excellent folks do, and it's maybe the raised expectations that unfairly make me bring it down just a notch? I do love Tidhar's fiction and have been lucky enough to publish one of his stories. Anyway... still very much worth reading and very recommended.)